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READ Lakeland's annual fundraiser

Kiss the Pig

Each year members of the community compete for their chance to Kiss the Pig!

Candidates compete to collect the most "votes" from their family, friends, colleagues, and supporters - each "vote" = $1 - and the candidate with the most votes WINS A PIGGY SMOOCH - yes, a real pig and a real smooch 💋 

kiss the pig (Email Header).png

The 2024 Campaign is about to begin

April 18th we kick off our 2-week Kiss the Pig fundraiser at the Lakeland Country Club. Our candidates meet and get all the information about READ Lakeland's mission, plus tools to drive their campaign to success! 


2 weeks - that's it - we provide you with everything to post ask and how to collect donations - it couldn't be simpler and more FUN! Especially when you get to KISS THE PIG! Contact us today to sponsor a candidate or participate.

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Read Lakeland tutors adult learners free of charge for reading, writing, math, and higher education. 

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